Sales Event

Take advantage of Y.E.S - Year End Sales Event - Huge Saving

Save Huge – with the Stateamind and Malibu Year End Sales Event. 

Now is the perfect time to get your new boat at the lowest price 

STATEAMIND – is working with Malibu and Axis to get you the best price of the season, we are using this sales event combined with our off season buying buying power to get our values customers the best price.  – Pricing Valid on all New Stock and Ordered Boats –

1. $4000 Rebate on 2015 & 2016 MY Wakesetter 20 MXZ, 22 MXZ, 24 MXZ and 2016 MY M235

2. $3500 Rebate on 2015 & 2016 MY Wakesetter 20 VTX, 22 VLX, 23 LSV, 25 LSV.

3. $3000 Rebate on 2017 MY Wakesetter 25 LSV & M235

4. $2500 Rebate on 2017 MY Wakesetter 20 VTX, 22 VLX, 23 LSV

5. $1500 Rebate on 2017 MY 22 MXZ & 24 MXZ.

Malibu Year End Sales Event will run from: Now through December 12th. All custom orders must be in and confirmed by December 12th, 2016. All custom order 2017 MY boats must be delivered and warranty registered by May 31st 2017.

“Call the Stateamind Team to find out more information.  Stateamind has added the Malibu discount in conjunction with our Year End Sale to get our customers the best value of the year. 314-731-3795

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